TI Capital

Grand Cypress Preserve is managed by TI Capital, a unique multinational investment firm, which incorporates an unparalleled level of personal commitment into its approach. By careful deployment and stewardship of its own capital while also working alongside preferred investment partners, TI Capital grew from a West-Coast based venture capital fund into a multinational family of companies with expertise in private equity, real estate, venture capital, financial service, and energy with offices in Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and the United States.

Hemisphere Real Estate

TI Capital’s real estate portfolio, Hemispheres, is extensive and reaches from the shores of the Big Island of Hawaii to the coastline of California and throughout the Western United States. Leadership places a great deal of focus on identifying types of prime real estate opportunities, ranging from for-sale residential to multi-family commercial and hospitality among others. Assets include exclusive, gated residential communities, large scale master-plan communities and coastal forest lands.